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Award Winning Character Education Workshops
Over the last 20 years, Dr. Philip Vincent has worked in schools, school districts, state and national organizations as well as training and consulting with educators in Canada, Mexico and most recently Singapore.

Dr. Philip Vincent "...knows children; he knows schools; he knows his theory, he also knows how to put them all together."
—Dr. Kevin Ryan, Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character, Boston University.

Through focusing on the social, ethical or character development of our students, educators can model and play a vital role not only in developing better students, but in developing better people.

Dr. Philip Fitch Vincent, Director of the Character Development Group, brings more than 20 years of experience to his work in helping schools help their students flourish in all aspects of the school environment. Dr. Philip Fitch Vincent and the Character Development Group can provide your school with workshops and staff development resources founded on insight and experience. We will help you

  • cultivate respect, responsibility and caring in your school or classroom,
  • help your colleagues feel fulfilled by the work they have chosen!

Dr. Vincent's approach to educating the whole child.  His most recent work, Relationships, Rules and Routines Results  illustrates how schools can: 

1)      Build relationships among all stakeholders within the school environment

2)      Establish rules as a guideline to expected behaviors and actions towards others

3)      Go to the critical step of establishing routines that are not meant to control students but to develop them and

4)      Learn how to assess your strengths and concerns that lead to positive results for all within the school.



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